Rodgers Recreation Center, Salve Regina University

Owners Representative, Project Management

This nine million dollar state-of-the-art athletic facility was required and designed to blend in with its historic neighborhood.

The design included approximately 24,000 sq. ft. of program space above grade and approximately 36,000 sq. ft. below grade.

The complexities of building this facility included a high water table. The building was actually constructed at an elevation that was below the existing water table. The construction included sophisticated waterproofing, drainage systems, sewerage and storm pump systems. The superstructure was constructed of reinforced concrete, block and steel all clad in red cedar shingles, mahogany windows and detailed trim.

The program included a full gymnasium, conference rooms, training rooms, locker rooms, state of the art exercise and dance studios and offices for the athletic department.

The facility met the University’s program needs with a design that was welcoming and complemented its historic neighborhood.