Pell Elementary School

Owners Representative, Project Management

This project was one of the most challenging projects the City of Newport has ever undertaken. The Pell School would be replacing aged neighborhood schools consolidating grade schools under one roof of this state of the art 103,000 sq./ft. facility.

The project planning included an unsuccessful effort with contractor bidding which was under the direction of another project management company. This extensive preconstruction phase resulted in substantial construction cost overruns and jeopardized the project from moving forward.

It was at this time that Farrar & Associates was brought in to replace the previous project management team. Our first task was to work with the project architect, engineers and ownership in an extensive value engineering exercise. This included meetings with local fire and building officials for approval of design changes that not only reduced cost but also improved plan & program. Upon the completion of an approximate 3 month value engineering and rebid phase the city was extremely pleased having received qualified bid proposals substantially under the budgeted construction cost.

The Pell School is a state of the art 103,000 sq./ft. (Green) facility that meets and exceeds CHPS requirements leading to a state reimbursement of 44%.