O’Hare Academic Center Salve Regina

O’Hare Academic Center, Salve Regina

Construction Manager, General Contractor

This project was the largest and most complicated construction project that the University has ever undertaken. This complex project includes over 70,000 sq./ft. of comprehensive renovation and a new building wing of over 23,000 sq./ft. The project was performed in multiple phases under occupied conditions during its 18 month schedule.
This was a complete transformation and restructuring of the building’s exterior and interior incorporating high tech and green building initiatives. The project speaks to Salves commitment to providing the best and superior educational environments for which this newly renovated facility is a major contributor.

Once again it was an honor to be chosen as the construction manager / constructor for this amazing facility. The 25 million dollar project was completed on time and under budget! Most importantly we have a most satisfied client, Salve Regina University.