We are pleased with the most recent additions to our professional staff – Tony Platt and Russell Hague. Tony and Russ bring years of experience joining our seasoned group of professionals. They have already proven their depth of experience contributing and applying their vast knowledge to Farrar projects.

Tony Platt – Twenty-five plus years of project management including significant experience working for architectural firms serving as the architect’s project representative. Tony brings high level communication skills, knowledge of design and process, and the skill set of a seasoned Project Manager/ Superintendent.

Russell Hague – Russ brings over twenty plus years of experience in the on-site supervisor capacity. We are pleased with the hands-on experience and knowledge of construction details that Russ brings to our projects. The knowledge of detail that Russel brings as On-Site Supervisor is refreshing to witness!

We at Farrar Associates Inc. strive to provide a professional environment that allows the skill set of our employees to shine! Tony and Russ are welcomed additions to our staff, we are pleased to have them on our team.